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Few Words About Us

The world is experiencing an unprecedented environmental Crisis of water scarcity, social unrest, climate change, covid 19 pandemic coupled with the problem of inequality of various sorts, due to aggressive nature of business ethics majority of the planet earth goes to bed hungry.

WATER (Watershed Association for Training Employment and Resource utilization), New Delhi (1990) is a Civil Society lead Platform for spreading the message ‘Global Green Vision for Local Action’ spearheaded by water related development as practiced by ancient Indian culture.

WATER is primarily concerned how best the Civil Society Organisation can help in tackling the burning problems of ‘Covid 19 Pandemic’, Increasing Water Scarcity+ Sanitary in Populated areas like Urban Slums’ to meet the immediate Challenges of Water & Food which are making a major concern to both the understanding and the management response to the livelihood and water brought into focus by Corona Virus Pandemic.

Aims and Objectives

Aims :WATER seeks to enable various stake holders like smaller NGOs, Project Implementing Agencies, Water Users Associations (WUAs), Self Help Groups (SHGs), User Groups (UGs), Fishery Interest Groups (FIGs), Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs), Start Ups and enterprising individual with ambition to realize this vision into a reality through real time networking. The idea is to help in solving the problem of food, livelihood, health and education of the area/watershed concerned with the ongoing programmes of Governments/Donor Agencies gradually and sustainability on scientific line with help and assistance by the people themselves.

Objectives: WATER is striving for holistic development along with:

  • Maintenance and Management of eco-system wise water bodies and restoration of degraded, polluted water bodies.
  • Creation of compassion and fellow feelings, skill and leadership quality, initiative for taking up sustainable independent livelihoods enterprise with local resources
  • Promote small area based resource, WHTs, Ponds, Open Wells, Check Dams, Nulla Bundh, Irrigation Channel, Drainage channel for soil and water management on scientific line (based on WATER BUDGETING) with the assistance of the Thrift Groups (WUAs, FIGs, Self Help Groups/User Groups) for water secure villages as a first step for rural rejuvenation/industrialization. Water scarcity management with appropriate farming system suited for the farmer and his small land holding.
  • Livelihood/employment generation especially in the low productive/high potential backwards states ( specially in left extremism dominated areas of Eastern India)
  • Sustainable productivity improvement and equity in income generation through “Auto Functional Concept” and ‘Global – Cal Mission’ (think globally and act Locally) make it a movement for agreen society. It promotes market oriented enterprises development by promoting bio regenerating/organic and vedic/natural agriculture for resource conservation and its sustainable management ( being practiced from time immemorial in its area of activities)
  • Reduction of poverty by focusing on alternate use of existing resources and gradual technical & commercial management aspects by result oriented capacity building of small village based NGOs/farmers/SHGs/youth Clubs with locally available/produced products and resources for livelihood development.
  • Our Strategy

    Philosophy :WATER has adopted the procedure to involve the available experienced personnel of the area in a sustained short/long term contractual arrangement for wide awareness/activities development with the stakeholders for effective solution through community action. Modus operandi is to tie with existing ongoing projects, resource/research organizations, scientist/resource persons, developmental experts, financial institution to supplement each other and bring them to a common meeting point for pro village/poor and grass root development. The location specific community related problem like skill development, land degradation, environmental deterioration, water management (excess and scarcity), empowering of Women’s Groups and corresponding livelihood development activities are taken up.

    Legal Entity : The Association initially worked only at Hazaribagh Jharkhand, till 1996 and subsequently registered as an All India nonprofit research cum developmental voluntary association at National Capital Territory of Delhi vide Reg. No.S-33251 of dated 13.7.1998, to enlarge its philosophy, ideas, activities & objectives.

    State Chapters : In keeping with its philosophy of long term meaningful networking for scientific works and initiatives WATER has developed facilities at various states starting with its initial place of work at Barka Gaon Road, Sirsi village, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand where it has its Campus with training/lecture rooms, nursery/vermi compost/bee keeping/agro forestry/rain water management/micro irrigation units in its surrounding 7 districts/villages.

    Head Quarters Facility : WATER subsequently shifted its HQ’s at Delhi, Goela Vihar Phase II, Goela Dairy Delhi--71 near Sector 10 Metro Station Dwarka. Head Quarters building is equipped with modern office facilities/ library/meeting hall/Guest rooms etc.

    Networking : WATER has also developed facilities for long term initiatives/networking works at many of the place of its activities/works for meaningful presence at WB, Jharkhand, Bihar, Haryana, MP etc. At other places Kerala, Rajasthan, UP, Assam, Mizoram, Nagaland etc WATER has networking facilities.

    Institutional Arrangements : Presently WATER constituted a national Panel of Experts/Consultants (as per need) with the guidance of the Governing Body / State Chapters. Secretary assisted by President/Vice President/GB members is looking after the activities/works along with the Joint Secretaries at state chapters.. At the State Chapters Joint Secretary (State Chapter) and nominated/hired experts/consultants and employed staffs are looking after the project activities. WATER has developed extensive networking and liaison with Central Govt Ministries/State Departments and State Agricultural Universities and other Resource and Voluntary Organizations.

    Ongoing Programme


    • WATER has taken up Project Activity in the district of Birbhum and West Medinipur during 2011-12. As a result of this WATER has been declared as Project Implementing Agency by the DRDA/ WBSWDA vide Govt of West Bengal Order dated 05.06.2012 issued by WBSWDA, writers Building, Kolkata (Table bellow).
    • Accordingly WATER has taken up various Preparatory phase Project Activity as per Annual Action Plan and hired WDTs 4 in all of the 4 IWMP project as per GOWB rules and trained and are being utilized for all the IWMP related activities in collaboration with Village Committee (Gram Sabha), Panchayat Samities and Block/ District Rural Development Agency. WATER has completed the Entry Point Activities (EPA) in 90% of the villages totaling 122 nos after awareness programme and approval by Gram Sabha and Block (BDO)/ Panchayats and Watershed cum Development Cell(WCDC) at the DRDA at district. WATER has taken up Instituition and Capacity Building programme after due awareness and capacity building activities for WDTs, GP members, WC members, SHG and UGs and villagers and landless and marginal farmers. WATER has completed all the 4 Detailed Project Report itself with marginal assistance from Experts hired by WATER. WATER has completed all the approved expansion phase of work phase activities as
    • Table 1.Districtwise details of IWMP Projects for development by WATER (2011-20)

      District Name Office of the Watershed Cell cum Data Centre (WCDC) Project Implementation Agency (PIA) No. of water-sheds Name of the Watershed & (Block Name) N of the Project in PPR Total geogra-phical area (in Ha.) Effective Project Area (in Ha.) Estimatd Project Cost Rs Lakh
      Paschim Medinipur DRDC, Paschim Medinipur President, Watershed Association for Training Employment & Resource utilisation (WATER) 1 Bhaluka (Jamboni) IWMP-14 / 2011-12 3,249 3000 450
      1 Laboni (Binpur-II) IWMP-15 / 2011-12 3,946 3000 450
      1 Dakai(Binpur-II) IWMP-16 / 2011-12 4,258 3200 480
      Birbhum District Rural Development Cell (DRDC),Birbhum President, Watershed Association for Training Employment & Resource utilisation (WATER) Ajay Illambazar IWMP-04/ 2011-12 7,329 3500 420.00

      per fund availability( only 30-35% of the estimated DPR target was made available) for which the Watershed Committees and watershed Associations and SHG and UG groups took active part in all 16 Micr5owatershed committees in all the 4 IWMP projects (Tables 1 to 9 )


    Idea is to take up awareness and grass root development for implementing key initiatives propagated by national and international research organizations

    Photo Gallery

    Restoration of degraded water bodies

    Restotation of Urban parks with degraded water bodies, New Delhi Delhi

    Mantainance and Renovation of Water Bodies

    Integrated Watershed Managment(2010-2020)


    Poluted Water Body

    Poluted Water Body At Prasadpur, Karol Bagh, New Delhi

    Field Visit with CEO

    Field Visit with CEO DRDA Nuh to Poluted Water Body at Village Malogh, Haryana


  • Please write or send a mail for any information at following addresses
  • Dr D K Paul President WATER
    Head Office: 23 Goela Vihar-II, Gali No 8A, P O Chhawla,
    New Delhi-71(Near ST Thomas School)

    wateriwmp04@gmail.com, dkpaul47@gmail.com & info@waterindia.org.in

    Web-site: http://waterindian.org.in

  • Eastern India Coordinating Office: Nabagram, Burdwan, WB -713166.
  • 03451-276636/9434692179 /9910827003

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  • IWMP Project offices
  • Medinipur office : WATER 656/10, Golak Bhawan, Raghunathpur, Jhargram


    03221-257234 / 9910827003;

    Birbhum office :WATER Balanand Smriti, Ghurisha, Illambazar, Birbhum

    wateriwmp04@gmail.com & dkpaul47@gmail.com